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Uncomfortable Fitting Dentures

Dentist Discusses Denture Reline


As a denture wearer, there is always the possibility of your dentures becoming uncomfortable over time. Denture relining is simple and affordable. It reshapes the denture to help it rest more comfortably on your gums. There are two types of relines: soft or hard. Both of them are completed at the dentist’s office and they both have advantages.  Please note Invisalign are not dentures.

What Makes the Dentures Change Fit?

Once you have a tooth extracted, the tissue around the alveolar bone starts to break down. Most of this process occurs within the first few months, but it is a lifelong event. This means the gum tissue changes in shape and density over time and the dentures start to fit differently.

Soft Reline

A soft reline is the most common option for those with dentures. This tends to be more comfortable for most patients. Ideally, it is used for those still in the process of major bone resorption or if your gums are sensitive to the additional weight of a denture. 
A liquid polymer gets layered within the denture to add some cushion and depth to the design. It’s a quick process that provides a comfortable and secure fit. 
The downside to this option is that you might require further adjustments more frequently. If you prefer a longer lasting option, consider a hard reline instead. 


Hard Reline

The hard reline shapes the denture much like a soft reline but uses different materials. This provides an option that feels more permanent and tends to last longer than soft relines. Most dentists prefer to send the denture to the lab for this procedure to avoid complications. 
Either option is an effective way to create a more comfortable denture when you are having trouble. These can also be used if you are suffering from a cracked denture. Many people choose to do this instead of purchasing new dentures. No matter what struggles your dentures seem to be giving you, your 92691 dentist is available to help you. With all the solutions available, the two of you will figure out the treatments that work best for your needs. 
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