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5 Most Common Types Of Dental Emergencies

5 Most Common Types Of Dental Emergencies

We all know that the emergency room is a go-to place for medical emergencies. But what about dental emergencies? Do you still go to the emergency room for that? According to this article by the American Dental Association, many types of dental emergencies should actually result in a visit to your dentist. 

Learning about the most common dental emergencies can vastly improve your awareness on whether to go to a dentist’s office for emergency dental care or if you should actually head to an ER.

  1. Toothaches

Tooth pain can mean a lot of different things. Infected gums, tooth decay, and exposed roots are some of the most common associated issues with toothaches. The cause behind this ache should be addressed as soon as possible so its solution can be found. 

If tooth pain comes on suddenly and escalates to a higher intensity, it is important to see an emergency dentist. To provide temporary relief in the meantime, apply a cold compress to the outside of your cheek which should alleviate the discomfort.

After an appointment with your dentist, they will often emphasize the importance of oral hygiene to ensure cavities, tooth decay and other dental issues are prevented.

  1. Chipping or breaking a tooth

Was that apple a bit too hard biting down into it? If your tooth or teeth for whatever reason happen to crack or break, rinse your mouth out with warm water. Save the broken or chipped tooth in case it is still salvageable. You can then apply gauze to the area that is bleeding. Then finally, proceed to ice the side of your face where the tooth broke to keep it from swelling and to reduce pain. 

Book an appointment with an emergency dentist so that you can prepare for a filling, crown or root canal. Your dentist will also remind you to be careful of biting down on hard foods. They’ll also mention to be cautious of any activities including sports that can cause teeth or break or chip.

  1. Knocking out a tooth

Ouch! This type of dental emergency demands mandatory action to be taken right away. First, if you still have the tooth, put it in a glass of water or milk. Try not to touch the roots. Instead, pick it up from the crown (the exposed part in the mouth that resembles a crown) and rinse the root if it’s dirty. Do not scrub or remove any attached tissue. 

Then call your dentist ASAP! You are going to want to be at the dentist’s office within 30 minutes of the accident so that they can restore your tooth back in its place. If it’s not able to be preserved, you might need a dental implant

  1. Losing a filling or crown

Fillings and crowns restore damaged teeth back to their peak appearance and function. However, due to the normal wear and tear of a filling or crown, they could potentially fall out or break. When this happens, it’s important to get them treated ASAP to avoid further damage. This could be a sign of a cavity having formed in your tooth. And it also means that deterioration could take place. 

Be sure to rinse your mouth out with warm water if this happens to you. Proceeding that, fill the cavity with cotton wool or a dental product such as Dentemp. Then see a dentist as soon as possible. 

  1. Breaking your jaw or jaw pain

Although it is not directly related to teeth, it still has an impact on your eating and breathing. Take pain medication and ice your face to avoid swelling and to numb the pain. Try to stay away from solid food until you see your dentist. 

In this emergency, it’s best for you to contact your dentist ASAP for guidance on what to do for a broken jaw or jaw pain. 

How to Prevent a Dental Emergency

  1. Watch what and how you eat

It’s actually easier than you think to crack or chip a tooth. Hard candy and meats are some of the ways teeth can break. To avoid this, always try to think about what you’re biting. 

  1. Use a mouthguard

Sports player? Try your best to avoid rough plays that could jeopardize your teeth’s health. It’s common for sports players not wearing mouth guards to chip or even knock out their teeth during play. Mouthguards will protect you so that you don’t have to risk giving up your perfect smile.

  1. Don’t chew on anything but food

Oral fixations such as biting your nails or chewing on pen caps are common amongst the general population. Did you know that these bad habits can actually cause you to chip or crack your teeth? Try to break these bad habits by keeping your hands occupied. You can also try chewing on sugarless gum to redirect these oral fixations. 


Overall, these dental issues are most certainly considered dental emergencies that need to be addressed as soon as they arise. Your dentist will be your best resource to turn to regarding these issues as they possess the knowledge to solve the problem. 

Be sure to take care of your oral health. Take care of any pesky oral fixations like biting your nails. And use a mouthguard when playing sports to save you from any dental emergencies.

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